Media Colleagues Rally Behind Tatad

Describing Kit Tatad as “the once and future senator”, some 70 members of the media tendered a luncheon yesterday (8 April 2010 ) for the former senator and journalist to express their full support for his candidacy for the Philippine Senate.

“We need Kit in the Senate,” said the group consisting of editors, columnists, reporters and commentators. “He will bring competence and statesmanship to the chamber at a time when it is descending to incivility and vulgarisms.”

The lunch was hosted by Samahang Plaridel, Kapihan sa Sulo and Raya Communications at the Golden Bay Seafoods Restaurant on Macapagal Blvd in Pasay City. The three organizations are led by former media colleagues and friends of Tatad.

In his remarks before the group, Tatad recalled his days in journalism as “some of the best years of my life.” He worked at various times as a reporter, columnist, editor and publisher.

He gave a short briefing on the ongoing election campaign, which he said will end in a major surprise on election day – the return of Erap Estrada to Malacanang Palace.

“There is an untold story of the campaign that is being overlooked because of the distorted lens of the election surveys,” Tatad said. “And this is the groundswell of public support for former President Estrada, whose rallies are pulling emotional crowds in the tens of thousands. We’ve seen it in city after city, town after town that we have visited.”

Tatad addresses his media colleagues

Tatad addresses his media colleagues

Tatad explained that the reason for Erap’s appeal is the state of poverty of some 80 percent of the national population.
“Economic growth has not trickled down to the masses,” he said. “Many of our people are worse off today than they were when Erap was ousted from office in 2001. Erap’s massage of continuing his crusade for the poor resonates with the people.”

Representatives from all media – including print, radio, TV and online media — turned up for the affair. Among those present were Manila Times editor Rene Bas, Samahang president Rolly Estabillo, columnists Boo Chanco, Dick Pascual, Dan Mariano, Fred de la Rosa and Yen Makabenta, and broadcaster-columnist Ronnie Nathanielsz.


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