Public Service Highlights

In 25 years of public service, Kit Tatad has chalked up an unblemished public record, marked by distinguished stints in both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. He has been both an advocated of reform and a voice for morality in public office. Among his major posts:

  • Youngest Cabinet Member at age 29 as Secretary of Public Information and Press Secretary under President Marcos — He served with distinction from 1969 to 1980. Resigned six years before the EDSA revolution of 1986.
  • Member, Interim Batasang Pambansa, 1978 to 1984 — Elected with the highest number of votes among Bicol’s 12 regional representatives.
  • Elected Senator in 1992 and reelected in 1995 — Served as Senate Majority Leader to five Senate Presidents. Described by media as “Moral Conscience of the Senate.”
  • International worker for human life, the family and the youth — He sits on the board of the US-based International Right to Life Federation and World Youth Alliance.
  • Original convenor of the Moral Force and Citizens’ Caucus, and chairman of Citizen vs. Corruption Task Force, which had a primary role in exposing the Joc-joc Bolante scandal in 2004 and the Hello Garci tape in 2005, among others. He has made concrete proposals to turn the anti-corruption fight into a major tool for eradicating poverty and promoting development.

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